Weekly Salawat

Grateful blessings and perfect salutations to the Beloved and intimate friend of Allah, the One God without partner – to Muhammadﷺ, the healing remedy of the distressed, owner of the Station of Mahmud on the day of Resurrection; mercy to all the worlds; the Ahmed of heavenly scripture; Muhammad of all time, past, present and future; Hamid, the reason for all existence, to whom it was said:
“I have created all for you, and you for Myself.”
Abundant blessings and salutations also to his descendants, his family, his companions, his intimate friends and to the sages who follow his path of light.

Alhamdulillah the Lovers of Rasulullahﷺ really got together to express their love for himﷺ. Over 66 million Salawat was recited by Muslims from all around the globe. May Allah increase the love amongst the Ummah that we have for Rasulullahﷺ.

O Allah, call down the bless blessing on the happiest of Your creatures, our master Muhammadﷺ and on his family and Companions and grant himﷺ peace in number as great as what You know and the ink of Your words when those who remember remember You and those who neglect to remember You neglect.

The Prophetﷺ said, “The people most deserving of me are those who pray the most for blessing on me.”
The Prophetﷺ also said, “If someone blesses me, the angels bless him as long as he continues to bless me, so let him diminish that or increase it.”

We are told in the Quran to follow the way of RasulAllahﷺ and when we do that Allah will be pleased with us and love us. We need to establish a connection to himﷺ, we need to foster love for himﷺ within our hearts and only then will following himﷺ be the sweetness of our days.
Sending as much Salawat upon himﷺ makes us deserving of himﷺ, draws us nearer to himﷺ and will surely grant us the sweetness of love for himﷺ. Once you taste this sweetness you will definitely want to follow himﷺ in every way inshAllah.

May Allah – the Exalted, make us worthy, through the recitation of our salawat, of hisﷺ vision and company.

If you have read all of the above, you would have recited the Salawat 20 times. Please complete the form below and add the 20 Salawat you have just recited and whatever extra as well and make it a goal to increase your daily recitation of Salawat and you will find peace within yourself, inshAllah.

Weekly Salawat Recital
Please join us for recitation of Salawat where a million salawat will be read every week inshAllah.
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Please pass the message on so we can as a community be reciting millions of Salawat weekly to the Beloved of Allahﷺ.

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